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Better design starts with better communication.

Five Flute helps your engineering team communicate more effectively so you can design great products together.


3D Design Review

Review and improve in one space

Capture feedback from everyone on the team in one shared location - whether you're in person or working asynchronously.

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2D Drawing Review

Catch design and manufacturing mistakes before they happen

Don’t wait until parts are manufactured to catch critical manufacturing problems. Five Flute superpowers your drawing review process so you can catch mistakes before release.

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Great design doesn’t happen in a vacuum

Siloed design environments and legacy CAD tools make communication difficult.
card1PLM isn’t for daily collaboration.
card2Legacy CAD is not a multiplayer product.
card3EE is disconnected from ME.
card4Design is on an island.
Most teams use screenshots, slides, docs, email and chat as a workaround. This takes extra work, lacks context, is harder to track, and fails to capture your design history.

Build a unified design history

Five Flute gives teams a unified review environment so they can spend less time explaining issues and more time solving them together.

Secure, simple, and flexible

lockGuaranteed data security.
Modern encryption, 2 factor authentication, and SSO keep your data in your hands.
timerStart reviewing in 1 minute.
No complex implementation or onboarding required.
plugCAD agnostic.
Five Flute works alongside your existing PDM and PLM environments.

Get back to doing the engineering work you love

Stop doing it “the way we’ve always done it”
Sending CAD files back and forth
Pasting 100 CAD screenshots into slides
Sitting through 2 hour review meetings
Rolling back PLM statuses (again)
Printing 50 B size drawings and hand redlining them
Searching through email for design records
Engineering under duress
Start doing it right the first time
Creative problem solving with peers
Time to think deeply
Learning how to improve your designs
Working with manufacturers effectively
Assembling parts that actually fit together
Seeing your ideas come to life
Feeling supported by your team and proud of your work
Jack MoldaveCTO

Transform your engineering communication

“Before Five Flute we would use screenshots and PowerPoint presentations to mark up 3D CAD. It was messy, hard to communicate concepts, and required meetings to go over.

Five Flute has transformed our 3D CAD communication process, replacing messy screenshots and PowerPoint presentations with an easy to use 3D system. We have found it extremely useful not only for conducting design reviews, but also all sorts of projects that I never even knew what I was missing it for. It's fantastic for marking up designs in 3D and doing asynchronous design reviews, but also it's great for when I am assembling parts for the first time. We can mark problems as they happen, as opposed to taking pictures and then trying to remember issues later. Such a useful tool!”
Jack MoldaveCTO
Jake FelserCTO
“Before Five Flute, we used an elaborate system of scanned paper redlines, in-person meetings, and Excel trackers to ensure that engineering could adequately respond to changes in manufacturing. Now with Five Flute, we are able to seamlessly collaborate across internal teams, manufacturers, and geographically distributed contractors to deliver our production drawings faster and more accurately than ever before.”

Jake FelserCTO
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