Drawing reviews and issue tracking, embedded in CAD.

Stop creating endless slide decks, printing paper drawings, or emailing screenshots. Start using Five Flute as your central hub for 2D markup and 3D review.

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Five Flute embeds issue tracking into CAD for mechanical teams

Trusted by engineering teams delivering next generation products

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Austin Laurer

Director of Mechanical Engineering at CLMBR

“Five Flute has been an essential tool for our engineering team. We've been able to efficiently track issues with our builds, connect them to the aspects of the design that they impact, get them fixed quickly and most importantly never drop the ball.”

Capture feedback in context

Seamless 2D drawing reviews in browser

Create a collaborative drawing review in under one minute - markup, comment and sketch directly on drawings to clearly identify issues. Communication stays connected to the drawings it impacts.

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Five Flute Ultimate Guides: Engineering Drawing Reviews

3D CAD Native = Seamless

Track issues without leaving CAD

Create, view and organize issues directly from your CAD environment using the Five Flute SolidWorks integration. Five Flute gives you a hardware specific snapshot of issues that no other tool can.

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Issue reporting via SolidWorks right-click menus

Engineering obsessed

We wrote the book on drawing reviews

We don't just make software for engineers; we write about it too. Check out our ultimate guide to engineering drawing reviews to learn how to supercharge your 2D drawing review process no matter what you are developing.

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Five Flute Ultimate Guides: Engineering Drawing Reviews