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Concept Industrial Systems

Powering 3D design review and high volume drawing review for complex 10,000+ component assemblies.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Concept Industrial Systems leveraged Five Flute to increase quality, reduce rework and save hundreds of engineering hours in the process.

Customer OverviewConcept Industrial Systems is a provider of custom material handling solutions for a wide range of customers across the building materials industry. The engineering team integrates custom mechanical, electrical, and controls designs into turnkey automation solutions that they install in facilities around North America.
Concept Industrial SystemsConcept Industrial Systems
Concept Industrial Systems
Engineering with Five Flute sinceFeb 2023
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How do they use Five Flute?The Concept Industrial team started using Five Flute in February of 2023. After a two week trial evaluation, they onboarded 17 engineers to Five Flute without any external IT support or training. The engineering team started shifting all new drawing review work into Five Flute. Because of the size and complexity of the automation equipment they are developing (10,000+ part assemblies), the Concept Industrial team makes extensive use of assembly drawings for communication during manufacturing, assembly and installation. They came to Five Flute looking for a way to cut down on review time while reducing costly mistakes that commonly caused project schedules to slip.
How does Five Flute help?10 months into their adoption of Five Flute, the efficiency and output quality of their engineering design work has improved dramatically. They have uploaded and reviewed more than 3,840 drawings with a total of 11,862 drawing issues identified and corrected. This represents a time savings of over 960 engineering hours across the team. Not counting the manufacturing rework avoided and schedule impact, Five Flute saved Concept Industrial approximately $42,000 in engineering labor costs alone. Crucially, their adoption of Five Flute helped cut the average calendar review time per drawing down from one week to two days, leading to faster project delivery as well.
Tate Leitz
Tate LeitzEngineering Manager
“Five Flute has allowed us to transition away from reviewing drawings with physical prints and an ad-hoc setup with a PDF editor and cloud storage to try to track markups. We now have a centralized location where all model and drawing reviews occur with total clarity into what has changed, and what is remaining. Tracking progress for better resource, data, and timeline management is a huge benefit of Five Flute. This allows our team to function far better in the office while giving increased flexibility for remote work. We are able to produce machines faster and more accurately than before.

With Five Flute being integrated in our design process, we can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks due to drawing review and management. These benefits impact data management in more than just the review process, but also the revision process. Instead of tracking large PDF folders with dozens of drawings inside them we are now able to track every drawing individually while giving a single place where you can always find the latest drawings.”